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BBB - Septic System Design, Septic System Installation and Service

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BBB - Septic System Design, Septic System Installation and Service

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We create and maintain certified wastewater systems

Some of the Earth's greatest water resources are threatened by improperly treated wastewater produced by increased population density and activity.  Most counties, districts and provinces are now requiring a certified wastewater (septic) system design.  We aim to protect our environment with appropriately designed residential and commercial systems which are built and maintained by professionals.  All of our designs come with a compliance guarantee. 


Understanding the relationship between wastewater and our environment... 


Ready to take the next step? New systems or existing, we have your answers...

"As a small Civil Engineering consulting firm, it's important to have quality service providers to support our business. We've come to rely on Chad's prompt service and high quality work over the years. Highly Recommended!"

Jeff B., Okotoks, AB
[Site Eval / Subdivision Planning]


"Chad was fantastic to work with! Very knowledgeable, and quick to respond to any questions. Thank you Chad for working with all of us at Showcase RE and with the homeowner! Looking forward to working with you in the future!"

Alisha C., Calgary, AB
[Site Eval / Wastewater Design]


"Thanks for asking me to share my comments.  This was an easy decision for me to get you working for me.  I asked two installers in the area and they both pointed me your way.  Before I called you I thought I would chat with the inspector at the MD who would eventually be inspecting my septic field and tank.  Guess who the first name out of his mouth was?  Chad at soilworx.  And you did a great job and I am very pleased so far. "

Wayne S. , [town withheld], AB 
[Site Eval / Wastewater Design]


"...Our soil conditions presented a challenging situation for septic design. Chad gave an excellent explanation of the lab results, broken down to layman's terms, and explored several options at no extra cost to find a creative and cost effective solution. With environmental concerns and regulations becoming increasingly strict, a knowledgeable designer is critical for acreage development. We would recommend Soilworx to anyone who is starting that process in southern Alberta."

Troy M., Millarville, AB 
[Site Eval / Wastewater Design / Acreage Development consultation]


"Chad was highly recommended to me by others in the industry, and now I know why - so kind, professional and knowledgeable!  Someone who explains clearly what he does to ones like me who know nothing about septic systems, and then does what he says.  Such a refreshing experience!"

Kayla R., Calgary, AB 
[Site Evaluation and Certified Design work]