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We always build your system with a budget in mind.  Like everything, there are always additional options to upgrade to better components or luxury items.  Pumps are a great item to upgrade... there is a slight initial increase in cost, but they will outperform and outlast a less expensive budget pump.

High Head Pumps
Upgrade to an Orenco high head pump.  Built by Franklin.  These pumps are tough, efficient, and carry 5 years warranty.  They can also be rebuilt for a very low cost if something should fail.

Landscape Riser Lids
Upgrade to a lid that hides itself.  Grass, bark, and river rock patterns. Fibreglass construction, 2500lb weight rating.  18-21-24-30 inch sizes.

Inline SimTech Filter
One of our favorites.   Normally standard on most of our installs.  Check out the YouTube video - it says it all.

Control Panels
Basic systems do not use a control panel.  Upgrade and get data logging capabilities to know exactly how your system is functioning, or receive a text message or email if your pump fails.