Surprised with Advantex AX-20 Treatment Unit

I have to say, I am very impressed. I was called out to a site that had an Orenco Secondary Wastewater Treatment System installed. It was the Advantex AX-20 setup. This was a medium-sized home that had not-so-good soils and therefore the choice was made to install a treatment unit (after the septic tank and… Continue reading Surprised with Advantex AX-20 Treatment Unit

MicroFAST Advanced Treatment Unit (ATU)

I had a gentleman northwest of Red Deer call me with a problem. His treatment mound had failed. By doing some of his own research, he decided to open up the mound and look for clues. He noticed that there was an extremely thick layer of “biomat” on the top of the sand layer. Biomat… Continue reading MicroFAST Advanced Treatment Unit (ATU)

High Water Table problems

High Water Table problems… High water tables can be a problem for an onsite septic system. Many homeowners or land developers do not realize where the water table might be. The picture above shows a great example. During the site evaluation, we inspected the lot, test pits, as well as the basement excavation that was… Continue reading High Water Table problems

BIG hole!

My design on this was a little out of the ordinary. There was a decent slope on the property, and the homeowner wanted the tank to be installed up-slope from his home. The home has a full 9′ walkout basement. I normally don’t like to do this, but, hey, there is always a solution. This… Continue reading BIG hole!

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