Trip to Oregon and ORENCO

I was invited to attend training and workshop and facility tour at Orenco Systems, Inc location in Sutherlin, Oregon. This was actually my 2nd trip to this place. This company really has their stuff together. They bought up an old airport and turned it into a huge production facility for most of their ATU (advanced treatment units) as well as a distribution point for their other products. The training and instruction is top-notch. There was alot of classroom time, and it is difficult to absorb all the information that they have. But every time I attend this place I always come away with new ideas and better design and operational thinking. From pumps and control panels to small communi

Wastewater 101: What you need to know to get started

I receive a ton of calls from new homeowners or land purchasers looking to find out what they need to know about planning their septic system. Usually, the questions are: -What is the process? and -How much should I budget? Both are very valid questions. So lets talk about them. The process. Here in Alberta, most counties or municipal districts (MD's) have adopted the regulations from the Alberta Private Sewage Systems Standard of Practice, which falls under Alberta Municipal Affairs. This means that a new (or upgraded) system will require a certified design to be submitted to the county or district before you can get your permit to start the installation. A designer with a provincial PS

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