Can you spot the items in the tank?

Can you spot the items?

These things should never be found in a septic tank... can you spot them?

I was doing a service on an Advanced Treatment Unit (Orenco AX-20) and was surprised by what I found in the 1st chamber of the septic tank. 

See if you can spot any of the items:
-Coffee grounds / packs
-“Disposable” wipes
-Foil wrappers
-Can of deodorant
-Feminine products
-Gum packages
-Nail Polish container

None of these items should ever get flushed, especially if you are on an acreage with a septic system.  The homeowner was surprised to see this… I think many times it can be the guests at your home that maybe don’t understand what can or cannot be flushed.  

So… lesson for today… talk with your guests, kids, in-laws, etc and let them know that only TP should go down the toilet – anything else can cause costly repairs to your filters, pump, and system.  

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