Don’t forget the chicken wire

Chicken wire underneath chambers

In Alberta, chicken wire should always be installed below effluent chambers

Effluent chambers… the right way to install them here in Alberta.

In Alberta, we are required to use either effluent chambers OR washed gravel in the bottom of the buried trenches. There are advantages and disadvantages of both.

If you (or your installer) will be using effluent chambers, it is extremely important to lay down a galvanized 20 gauge poultry wire with a grid no bigger than 1.5″. I prefer 1/2″ grids.

This needs to be installed below the chambers on the trench floor. The reason is to keep burrowing rodents OUT of chambers. This is actually a memo given out several years ago by the chamber manufacturers themselves.

In my experience, if you don’t do this, its like Disneyland for moles and gophers once they enter these trenches. Within weeks or months they can fill up the empty space within these chambers and cause backups and severe damage to your system.

So be sure that you (or your installer) installs these properly to keep a long, happy life of your septic field area.

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