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Guaranteed permit approval with all designs.

I care. 

"The best part about hiring me to work on your wastewater project is that I am invested in protecting our environment for my kids and their future, as well as you and your family.  I value honesty and integrity;  I work directly with you through all the steps of the process to give you a professional, highest quality solution for your wastewater system.  Residential or commercial projects, I bring my passion for the work to every job."  


What do I get with a Certified Design?

You get a complete document that is ready to submit for an application for permit for septic system. This includes: 

-a detailed report on the site conditions and soil information

-details on suggested components (tanks, pumps, etc)

-detailed blueprints of entire system and layout

-designer's notes

-additional permit information

Wastewater treatment is a major part of any development planning, and should be done before construction starts.  Some lots may only have 1 potential location for an effective wastewater system or field (depending on the soil quality or other factors ) and if a structure is built on that spot first it may cost thousands $$ more to upgrade the system because the system must now be placed in a less desirable location. 


If you are upgrading a failing system, sometimes it's easier, and more economical, to simply start a new field on the property if space permits.


There is no "template" for a wastewater system.  Each home, office building, or development is different and with many different factors that must be included in a properly engineered system.  Soil conditions, # of occupants, lifestyle habits, home business activities, environmental factors, etc are all involved to create a tailored, and certified, system to meet the site's needs to effectively treat the wastewater.  

We are certified to design a qualifying system for all residential and small commercial developments that will protect your water, soils, and ecosystem on your property, and that your MD or County office will accept for installation. With proper planning and ongoing maintenance, you can be assured a trouble-free system for many years. 


1.  One stop shop.  We do it all.

Sit back and let us do it all.  We provide the site evaluation and certified design, a list of certified installers that we personally work with in your area, as well as get you going on a maintenance schedule.


2.  I just want the design.

We can provide you with our certified design services.  With our completed design, your installer can install your system easily and efficiently.

"Don't settle for an uncertified design or install.  Not only is it environmentally irresponsible, but it may cost you much more $$ in a few years when that system fails. "

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