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For Fresh Water Cisterns OR Septic Tanks

You might have an older system that doesn’t have a high level alarm, or you might have a newer system that has an alarm, but chances are you don’t have an app on your smartphone that monitors your tank levels (and sends alerts!)

We have a limited supply:

$500 + tax: includes installation.



Save $50 on your first septic system service

Your system needs annual service to catch problems before they happen, as well as take care of the components and parts that can fail.

Chad soil Expert

We can bill you once/year, or you can choose to split it up monthly.

This offer is for a limited time as well.

Traditional Septic System Service (septic tank + field) : Regular $249/yr – Special $199 for first visit

Septic System with Advanced Treatment Unit: Regular $349/yr – Save $50 on first visit

*Please note, this does not include tank pump-out service. If your tank needs to be pumped, this is at an extra cost and depends on the actual amount that is removed from your tank. Normal prices for most tanks are between $375-$450 for the pump-out service.



For Pressure Distribution Systems

If you have a treatment mound or At-Grade system, you definitely have pressurized laterals. What most installers don’t tell you is that these have very small (1/8″) drilled orifices that plug up and need to be scrubbed / cleaned every 2-3 years.

If you have a treatment field (buried trenches), you may have pressurized laterals as well if you have a pump in the tank and 1.5″ or smaller laterals in the field. ​

​Get your laterals the service that is needed to unplug the orifices and keep distribution equal throughout the entire treatment area (not overload just one area).

We can bill you once/year, or you can choose to split it up monthly.

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