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SOILWORX specializes in both residential and commercial septic design in the Calgary area, as well as most of Southern and Central Alberta.  Most counties in Alberta require a certified design as part of the permitting process for a septic system.

Why choose us?  -  See our Testimonials and Google reviews.  We strive very hard to be the best in customer satisfaction and our clients rate us 5 stars for our efforts!

What is included in a septic system design package?

  1. A full site evaluation, which includes soil test pits, soil sampling, lab reports, site constraints, setback evaluations

  2. A full development evaluation (of the home, office building, restaurant, etc) and estimated flows and wastewater strength

  3. Clear, concise, easy to understand document showing calculations

  4. Clear, concise, easy to understand explanation of the onsite soils

  5. Clear, concise, easy to understand system construction documents and system layout

  6. Recommended/required components (septic tanks, pumps, filters, pipe sizing, etc)

  7. Full system summary sheet to help in the permitting process

  8. 100% guaranteed permit approval on all designs

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Land and property owners look no further!  Our complete design package gives you the flexibility to:

  • Have installers review the design and provide an accurate quote for the installation

  • Use the design package for permit application

  • Prove to municipalities/counties that you have a certified system design

  • Keep the document for future owners - a valuable asset

Fill out the online form to get started


We are happy to work along side you and your company and provide a professional solution.   Our goal is to provide excellent customer service via a seamless, easy experience for both you and your client.  Many times we can be onsite the next day to get the design work started quickly and efficiently so that you can focus on your project.  We can increase your sales -  we have many clients/private owners that contract our services and are looking for an installer -  we always refer them to certified installers with whom we have established relationships with.  


We are a small company, but we work well with other professionals!  If you're forte isn't in wastewater, please consider us as a partner in your next project:  

  • Subdivisions (Level I/II/III Site Assessments - Model Process Document)

  • Soil Sampling and Evaluation

  • ADU's

  • Guidance /consultation on Advanced Treatment Systems

  • Maintenance expectations

Our Process For Septic Designs

Step 1: A Full Development Evaluation

We will do a full development evaluation of:

  • Your home

  • Your office building

  • Your restaurant or other development

We'll analyze and calculate estimated flows and wastewater strength.

Step 2: A Full Site Evaluation

  • Soil test pits

  • Soil sampling

  • Lab reports

  • Site constraints

  • Setback evaluations

Step 3: An Explanation of the Onsite Soils

Once we receive the lab results back with the soil sample results, we will be more than happy to offer an explanation of the onsite soils at your home, restaurant, or business, and how they affect the size and type of septic system options that you will have.  

Step 4:  A Complete System Layout

After we provide an onsite soil explanation, we will discuss with you the various options you have for your septic system design.  We will explain the estimated layout, footprint, and maintenance expectations of the proposed system for your home, office building, or restaurant in Alberta.

Step 5: A Look at Required Components

At this stage, we will provide your home, restaurant, or business with a look at the recommended and required components such as:

  • Septic tanks

  • Pumps

  • Filters

  • Pipe sizing

Step 6: A Document Showing Calculations

Part of the design document includes our calculations and worksheets explaining how we arrived at our estimated flows and strengths.  These calculations are required to complete a full design, as well as for the permitting authorities.

Step 7: A Full System Certified Septic Design

A Certified Design report will be finalized, which includes all of the components listed above.  The document, usually between 50-80 pages, can now be used to get an accurate quote from a certified installer.  The Certified Design report is required  and will be used as part of the permitting paperwork with the local jurisdiction once you have chosen your installer.  

Step 8: A Full System Summary Sheet

A full system summary sheet is included in the Certified Design report.  This is very helpful for a quick reference and overview for both certified installers and Safety Codes Officers (inspectors).  

Step 9: A Septic Design Permit Approval

All Certified Septic System Designs come with 100% guarantee that it will be approved by the local permitting authority.  If there is a problem during the permitting process, we will fix it at no charge.   

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Our septic design process comes with a 100% permit approval guarantee. All work is performed by a certified and compliant professional.

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