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Septic system inspections are an important service to observe, evaluate, and report the present conditions.  Each inspection is customized, as each development has it's own set of variables and components.  It's important to understand that because most of the components of a system are buried, we must use a combination of our knowledge, senses, and specialty tools to understand the system without having to dig up or damage the yard or area.  Some items we include in our septic system inspections are:

  • Setbacks to buildings, property lines, wells, water sources

  • Approx age and corresponding regulations that were in place at the time of installation

  • Condition of electrical components

  • Condition and integrity of tanks, risers, lids, baffle walls

  • Condition or absence of pumps, floats, filters, alarms

  • Signs of failures of any of the components (tanks, pumps, alarms)

  • Signs of failures in the final treatment area (field, mound, at-grade, etc)

  • Possible modes of failure or damage


Septic systems are a major utility that services a residence or building and can be very expensive to replace or repair.  The importance of having a qualified inspection, by a qualified person, can't be overlooked especially during Real Estate transactions.   Book your septic system inspection by giving us a call or sending us a message.  

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