Soils Days Training

Another day in the dirt

Spring 2021 - Mandatory Soils Day Training for new students

Another spring, another round of teaching the mandatory soils days for new students.   Did you know that this day in the field is required as part of the Private Sewage Certification in Alberta?

Red Deer, Grande Prairie,  Lethbridge and Cochrane are all destinations where I was able to teach and share my expertise with new students training for their Private Sewage Certificate.  

We had students from Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan attending these sessions around Alberta.  I was very happy to finally see many of my students in real life!  COVID restrictions required most of our training this year to be over Zoom instead of the regular classroom setting.  

During these “soils days” we find a volunteer property where we can dig 2 or 3 large test pits to provide the chance for these students to get their hands dirty and learn how to identify the different soil textures, structures, and grades that are present.  Septic system designs require correct identification of the onsite soils so that the proper system and loading can be selected for each home or development.  

Soils are an extremely important part of the entire process and incorrect identification can lead to improper system design and possible failure.  

COVID restrictions still allow our classes to operate but with strict mask and distancing requirements. 

Thank you to everyone who attended, and for the property owners who allowed us to dig up their yard in the name of education!

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