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BBB - Septic System Design, Septic System Installation and Service


SEPTIC TANKS can be found as concrete, fibreglass or poly (plastic) tanks.   Modern concrete tanks seem to be most popular in Canada due to their deep burial rating (some up to 4m / 13 feet cover).  Fibreglass and poly tanks are also built strong, however most are only rated for 1-2m (6.5 ft).   Popular capacities range from 700gal - 2000gal.  

WATER CISTERNS or HOLDING TANKS are also found normally as concrete or poly tanks.  They can range from 500gal up to 5,000gal.  

We have a strong relationship with Alberta Wilbert Sales, and we use and recommend their concrete tanks. They produce superior concrete tanks which we feel are the best in the industry.


Most tanks have a lifespan of 20-30 years, however some may need replacing sooner due to several different factors.  If you notice any degradation of the walls inside your tank, it is important to have a professional assess it.  A replacement or repair can be suggested if your tank is found to be failing.