Sewage Backup
Sewage Backup
In Yard
Odour -

Serious Health Risk – Avoid Contact With Effluent.

Cause: Roots clogging pipes; blockage in plumbing; excess water from leaky tap; running toilet; pump failure.

Action: Reduce water use; repair taps and toilets; consult a professional to check pump and possibly clean septic tank.

Serious Health Risk - Avoid Contact with Effluent.

Cause: Excess water entering system; system blockages; improper system elevations; undersized soil dispersal system; pump or controls failure.
Action: Reduce water use; consult a professional and fence area until problem is remedied.

Toxic gases can cause illness or discomfort.

Cause: Sewage backup in house; roof vent pipe frozen closed; improper plumbing; dry plumbing trap; sewage surfacing in yard.
Action: Check and clear roof vent; consult a plumber; consult a professional to check pump and possibly clean septic tank.

Pump Alarm- Activated
Freezing in
Odour -

Wastewater may backup into house; solids may enter septic field.

Cause: Electrical breaker tripped; pump unplugged; controls malfunctioning; pump failed.

Action: Limit water use immediately.  Check breaker and plugs; consult a professional to check controls and alarm, replace pump.

System freezes in winter; system may be inoperable.

Cause: Foot or vehicle traffic over piping; improper construction or use of system.

Action: Fence off field area, have a professional check construction.

Nuisance.  No major health concerns.

Cause: Sewage surfacing in yard; inspection pipe cap damaged or removed; manhole cover partially or fully open; dispersal field is inoperable.
Action: Check caps and replace; immediately replace and secure manhole; consult a professional to repair or replace dispersal field.  Sewage surfacing in the yard is a health hazard.  Avoid contact with effluent.

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