Wastewater 102: Design Process


This is part 2 of 4 in this blog post series. Please review Wastewater 101: What you need to know to get started before continuing here.

Essentially you have 3 parts to getting a new (or upgraded system).

1. Design work

2. Installation

3. Maintenance

This blog post discusses the Design work.

The design work includes all the preliminary information gathering including the site evaluation, soil testing and lab work, county/district permitting and creation of the certified design . A site evaluation is performed

Step 1: Fill out the online form by clicking here. You will need the basic information of your project, including house and lot info. Once I have received this, I can start a file for your project.

Step 2: We chat and schedule a time to complete the site evaluation. We will need to request underground utility locates because we will be digging test pits.

Step 3: Site Evaluation. We decide on the best possible location for your wastewater system, keeping in mind all setback requirements, house placement etc. I dig minimum of 2 test pits in the vicinity of the proposed location of the system. I evaluate the soils in the pits and collect samples of the most restrictive layers and send to the lab for analysis.

Step 4: The lab takes around 5 days to return the results. Once I have the results, we discuss treatment options and I get to work on the design. I usually need a few days to complete the design, depending on workload.

Step 5: With your new design package, you have everything needed to apply for your septic permit. Your installer can make the application for you. If you don’t have an installer, I will make recommendations from a list of my trusted installers.

I guarantee my design work. If there are any questions by inspectors or installers, I am always available for support.

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